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Population Around 1, 800

Ramseur Board meeting April 2 2018

   This website is designed to keep everyone informed on the upcoming events, local business specials, School, Sports  Events, Town Events, New things that are going on in Ramseur. To let everyone know whats going on in Ramseur. It's a RAMSEUR Thing (HOME OF THE WILDCATS)  This page is brought to you by:

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ramseur zoning meeting April 16 2018

Ramseur Planning and Zoning Meeting

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Ramseur NC 27316

 The City of Ramseur was names after Steven Dodson Ramseur born on may 31, 1837 and transitioned October 20, 1864 as Second Lieutenant (USA)/Major General (CSA). His dream and fight was to bring opportunity to the American front by bringing people together through business, education, government, religion, and family. Today we have Main St. where business owners from abroad have came together to share the american dream. We now have restaurants, communications, beauty, apparel, hardware, schools, parks, and much more. This site was created to bring this community together were we can share our experience, growth, and ideas. 

Ramseur Governing Body

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